a digital door to a shared life

tailoring virtual experiences to suit elderly needs


Cultural, social and physical activity provide meaning, focus and relaxation. Biosfär breaks down the physical limits of nursing home facilities providing immersive augmented reality experiences. Biosfär is user-centered, ensuring residents co-create their community.
In 2018, we started testing and developing a program for elderly living with Alzheimers to grow, learn and interact with each other and staff. We relied on Design Thinking, participant observation, and curation to deliver an innovative solution for a complex challenge.
By 2019, we installed our first prototype at Stureby Nursing Home, with the support of Realitylab and The City of Stockholm. Today Biosfär provides a range of room-enhanced activity for 94 residents, 5 days a week.


We aim to democratize elderly care by providing equal access to the world and life older citizens enjoy. 
Biosfär gives elderly agency over their life, providing the freedom to choose where to go, what to do and how to live.
We envision a future where welfare systems build resilient communities guaranteeing a quality of life and extensive opportunity.

provide the possibility

to share life and build memories


physical and mental barriers


to an improved quality of life 

Global Challenges  

 By 2030, the global population ages 60+ will increase by 56% . Society, business and government must find innovative solutions that meet the needs of elderly. 


Although Biosfär is young, it is impactful. Today, our prototype provides the opportunity for all residents to access experiences otherwise unavailable to them.

 Social impacts include:

  • increased sensory and memory in users 5 days a week
  • up to 50% more participation in large social events
  •  2-5 times the amount of users participate in therapy, social activity and cognitive building workshops


- Hanne Rönneback, Head of Stureby Nursing Home
"Biosfär has given us completely unique possibilities to experiences. Not all nursing homes focus on activities like we do. They don’t have the space or staff allocated for activities. To have the possibility to provide activities [for residents] give an incredible meaning in their life. Then the creative thought they get to share: how can we create different contexts for various degrees of dementia? Only imagination can limit us."
- Sven Lundgren, Nurse
"I thought it might disturb or be too much, but on the contrary—it’s an incredible aid. An experience for all of the senses...something everyone can talk about."
- Karin Steneby, Cultural Manager
"It enhances the room. The difference compared to our activities without Biosfär, is that we make events and test the limits...and create something together. To let the world in and make it accessible. That’s how you create a community."

Meet the team

Kayla Van Cleave

Co-founder & CEO

Kayla started building Biosfär in 2018 as a Design Thinking solution for elderly care systems. She's worked with health and wellness, social sustainability and organizational change in public, NGO and research contexts. She holds an M.S. in Political Science and M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Uppsala University. 

Robin Palmberg

Co-founder & CTO

Robin joined the team in 2021 while finishing his PhD at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). He is passionate about building environments to improve the cognitive loads of elderly with dementia. His research interests include human-computer interaction, cognitive load affect and computer graphics. 

Want to grow the biosfär?

We are actively seeking customers, collaborators and investors as passionate as we are about humane and democratic care.

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